Should I use a topical anesthetic?

You may not need a topical anesthetic at all. If your needle size is less than a half millimeter, you may be able to get away without it. If you use a larger or longer size needle, or lower pain threshold, you can buy over-the-counter or prescription numbing creams.

If Microneedling is done in a medspa or dermatologist,  the clinician use a BLT cream. This combination of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine effectively and safely numbs the face. This can only be purchased through a pharmacy with a prescription

Before applying the numbing cream to your face, do a patch test. You definitely don’t want an allergic reaction in such a sensitive area. Avoid applying this to your mouth or eyes.  Lastly, follow the instructions.

Is microneedling painful?

Well, yes and no. You can expect some discomfort. The degree and amount of pain involved probably has more to do with the size (gauge) and the length of the needle.

Certain treatment areas also play a big role in determining the level of discomfort. Sensitive parts of the face, like the skin around the mouth or by the eyes, will be more tender.


How do I determine what speed to use?

Speed= Control and the area you are needling.

Use a lower speed when you need more control over areas around the eyes.

The higher the speed, the needles are moving in/out of the skin faster and gives you less potential for drag when moving the pen.

When you are new to microneedling, use a lower speed and move your pen slower.  As you become more proficient, select a higher speed.

Does Microneedling help broken capillaries?

It doesn’t get rid of broken capillaries.  It does help the skin and you may see benefits from skin improvement.  Look at IPL treatments for broken capillaries.

What is the best needle depth?

It depends on the area of the face or body.  Around the eyes, the skin is thinner than your cheeks. Adjust the depth of the needles based on area of the face. 

See our chart and what needle depth to use on areas of the face and body.  


 How do I choose the correct cartridge?

 It depends on what you want to achieve and what area you are treating.  See our cartridge guide on our How To Use page on  which to needle size pick. 

A smaller needle depth with 12-16 pins  is best around the eyes to give you more control.

A shorter length needle is best on your face while a deeper longer needle will require more skill and be used on areas on your body.

Choose Nano for  light & superficial treatment of the skin.


What is the difference in depth  and number of needles?

The greater the needle count, the less the penetration (due to the Fakir effect)

A 36 pin will require much more pressure and stronger pen motor because there are more needles to distribute on the skin.  You should be an experienced practitioner in using this cartridge size.

A 12 pin cartridge will require less pressure on the skin.  If you are a novice, you will have more control.

Can I use glycolic acid or lactic acid post treatment?

No. These are exfoliants and don’t hydrate the skin.  You can use glycolic acid before nano needling.

What serums do I use after microneedling?

We recommend using hyaluronic acid (wait, isn’t that an acid?).  This is an humectant substance that absorbs water from the air or underlying layers of the skin. It draws the molecules towards the surface of the skin and allows it to retain moisture.  It also helps other topical skincare ingredients perform better.

What do Microneedling RPMs & motor speeds matter?

High torque is critical for adequate and accurate needle penetration with motor speeds needing  to be 100-150Hz per second.  Most retail microneedling pens available on the market are 9000RPM=150Hz.  So if you have a pen that is 9000RPM or more, you’re good!


Can I use Vitamin C when medical microneedling?

We do not recommend using with the needle cartridges.  You CAN use it when Nano needling.


Can a person with rosacea microneedle?

Yes, I would advise you talk to a professional before you try to DIY. You can microneedle vascular rosacea but never pustule rosacea.  It may be possible to reduce some of the pinkness.  Be careful.


When should a person not microneedle?

Never microneedle on active rosacea pustule, acne breakout,or  active herpes.


Can I use Vitamin C after microneedling?

We don’t recommend it. It may introduce a granuloma (a MASS of granulation tissue as a response to foreign substance, infection...NOT GOOD!). We suggest you talk to a professional.  


Can I use makeup the day after microneedling?

Hey, give your face a break! Take a day off from makeup and working out.


Can I microneedle after botox?

❗ You can BUT (and this is a big BUT), wait for a couple weeks after botox before you microneedle.


Should I choose 36 pin or 42 pin needles? Which is better?  Why don’t you carry these?

When you have a cartridge that is 9/12/16, it takes less pressure to penetrate the skin and you will get more benefit. Anything more, it takes a lot more pressure to treat the same area of skin.  

 Why make life harder?

Is there a time when I will need to use a 1.00m-2.00mm needle?  

These are pretty major depths and requires a discussion with a medical professional.  Save this one for the pros, unless you are one.  

Can I reuse a cartridge? 

🛑 NEVER REUSE A CARTRIDGE or ROLLER! No, Nada, Nyet, Nein.  Worried you might run out of cartridges?  Sign up for a our replacement cartridge program and you’ll always be ready to roll.